The real-life story that inspired Conjuring 2

The infamous words ‘based on a true story’ at the start of a horror movie usually means there’s a character in there who shares a name with a human who existed once and might have been scared of the dark. At worst, everything is lies. James Wan’s The Conjuring 2 is a little different – or at least different lies.

When did the Enfield haunting begin?

The Conjuring 2 true story reveals that according to Peggy Hodgson who is the mother, the haunting of her Enfield home began on the evening of August 30, 1977. It was on that night that her daughter Janet told her that her brothers’ beds were moving from side to side. The next evening, Margaret Hodgson heard a loud noise from upstairs. She entered her children’s bedroom and saw a chest of drawers moving. She tried to stop the oak chest as it moves towards the door, concluding that a spiritual force was trying to trap them in the room.

“It started in a back bedroom, the chest of drawers moved, and you could hear shuffling,” recalled the real Janet Hodgson many years later in a Channel 4 Enfield Poltergeist documentary. Thinking that it was Janet and her siblings making the noise, she said that her mother told them to go to sleep. “We told her what was going on, and she came to see it for herself. She saw the chest of drawers moving. When she tried to push it back, she couldn’t.” – Daily Mail Online


Numerous investigators already visited the home of the two young girls who were allegedly attacked by a dangerous entity. Investigators and Police witnessed the inexplicable phenomena as you can see on the video above. The video above also gives us a glimpse at a scares to come next month.

The Conjuring 2 Official Trailer

video from Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube Channel

The initial release of Conjuring 2 is June 8, 2016 and the film is directed by James Wan.